Laboratory Operations Unit

The LOU leads the development, implementation and evaluation of the laboratory research essential to the successful execution of the IDCRC research agenda. The LOU:

  • Facilitates linkage to the VTEUs to select and provide laboratory services for studies
  • Implements the sharing and distribution of samples and study-related laboratory data across the IDCRC and approved outside partners and provide quality control and quality assurance of the LOU services provided to the IDCRC
  • Develops and implements ancillary studies to support IDCRC clinical research

The LOU is designed to fully manage and oversee relevant laboratory services, such as:

  • PK assessments in Phase 1 first-in-human studies and population PK studies, bioanalyses, and specimen characterization
  • laboratory quality management programs
  • the monitoring and evaluation of all specialized laboratories under the IDCRC
  • sharing of specimens outside the IDCRC, as necessary
  • providing adequate storage facilities needed to accomplish the IDCRC’s clinical research agenda

The LOU leadership fosters collaboration and harmonization of laboratory activities within the IDCRC and the VTEU-identified laboratories. Finally, the LOU also works with NIAID staff, and NIAID-provided research support programs.


Specialty Labs

Core Labs


Julie McElrath, MD, PhD

Laboratory Operations Unit (LOU) Co-Director

Phone: 206-667-6704

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Julie McElrath, MD, PhD

Michael Gale, PhD

Laboratory Operations Unit (LOU) Co-Director

Phone: 206-685-8289

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Michael Gale, PhD